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Student Guide Available

April 16, 2024

The HCLA is excited to release its most recent publication: “Τι είπες; You want to be a lawyer – Our Student Guide to Law School”. The HCLA Student Guide was inspired by our experiences mentoring Hellenic undergraduate students, particularly those who were the first in their families to obtain a post-secondary education.  The guide is intended to provide prospective students with information about a law school education and to candidly share the personal and academic experiences of our HCLA law student members.  By doing so, we hope to reduce the barriers to a legal education and allow prospective students to see themselves in others who may have similar personal histories and experiences.  We hope to inspire and encourage the next generation of Hellenic law students! To obtain a copy of the Student Guide, please email us at hcla.information@gmail.com.

A special thank you to HCLA law student members Gabriella Panayotidis, Philip Paschali, Thalia Petsis, Sotiri Katsuras and Christina Papageorgakopoulos for authoring this guide with HCLA President, Christine Arruda.  Thank you also to Gina Alexandris, HCLA Honourary Director, for her review and invaluable insights.

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