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$100 per year


$50 per year


The HCLA is where Hellenic legal professionals members meet and interact with lawyers, judges, educators, articling and law students, and other members of the legal profession across Canada.

As an HCLA member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

These and other events held by the HCLA provide great networking opportunities to exchange ideas, opinions, knowledge, and expertise with other members and to develop strong personal and professional relationships. For students, the HCLA serves as a valuable forum to meet practicing lawyers and other legal professionals who can provide advice and assistance as they start their careers in the legal profession.

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Μεντωρ – the HCLA’s Mentorship Program

The HCLA’s mentorship program aims to facilitate interaction between experienced lawyers, junior lawyers and law students.  Mentors, typically experienced legal professionals, provide guidance and advice to those who are newer to the legal community.  Mentors also help their mentees, of all experience levels, grow their networks and develop relationships within the community.

Please note that although the Mentorship Program runs on a calendar year basis, the HCLA accepts applications from members and arranges for mentorship pairings throughout during the year.  If you are interested, we encourage you to apply any time.